Creative Entrepreneur

My husband and I have been pondering for the past year how we can do what we love and pay rent at the same time.  We started dreaming without limits.  Nothing was too lofty an idea and nothing was too simple.  We strongly believe that we are put on this planet to really live, not have a career just to put food on the table.  We want to live by taking risks.  It’s no fun to stay where we are just because it is the social norm.  We have also been on paths of self discovery.  One would think that college would do that for you but now being 29 I feel like I am just stepping into my niche which birthed this new endeavor of Red Curtain Designs.

I am calling myself a creative entrepreneur.  Webster defines entrepreneur as, “One who organizes a business undertaking, assuming the risk for the sake of the profit.” Not only will the profit side of it be nice but more importantly I want to use my giftings and passions to contribute to this world.  We all can offer something to our communities that would make them better, more beautiful,  or easier for someone.

“The Creative Entrepreneur is the culmination of an eclectic life of business and art, strategic planning and creative calling. It’s Lisa preaching what she’s practiced: that it’s possible and practical to make a living doing what you love.”

Quote discovered at:

I am not on board with everything Lisa promotes but she does have good insight into the business/creativity mix.


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