this design thing

I just started my first Photoshop class last night.  I have always wanted to do graphic design stuff but have never taken the time to actually learn it.  I am loving every minute.  I have a great professor and a class full of eager students ready to dive into the great expanse that is design.  My goal is to learn this stuff well so that I can create what I want to create and help others by transferring their ideas into viewable images.  I don’t like being bound by templates.  I have been frustrated for long enough with the limitations that come with pre-made designs.  During the course of my class I’ll have all sorts of fun projects that I hope to share.  Be on the look out!


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  1. BP says: got in the class! Awesome! Susan and I are so excited for you! We can’t wait to see your stuff!

  2. Jamie Cupp says:

    I’m excited about your new class and love your web page. You go Girl!!

  3. Kristen says:

    We were so glad to hear from you guys! I love that you are taking the steps to live out your passions. That’s what Jimbo and I are doing, resulting in a small-ish single income, but a very happy family :o) Keep up the good work! If you need a project to practice your designing and such, I volunteer our website!!

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