Photoshop Class Finished

Here I am at the other end of my Photoshop class.  I learned so much in one semester it is hard to believe.  If you are interested in learning Photoshop I highly recommend you taking a class somewhere.  There are a lot of tutorials on-line where you can learn techniques but the class really helps to gain a solid foundation.

Current Projects:

Photo alterations – I worked with an old photo of a baby sister and brother.  I took the brother out of the photo completely and turned it into a single portrait of the baby sister.

Small Business Branding – I worked with a small business to create a logo, color scheme, letter head, business cards, and marketing flyers.

Face slimming – I just learned how to slim someone’s face in a photo.  It is amazing and you can not tell that it has been altered.

Unifying Photos – I took “1 year old” pictures of 3 siblings, all several years apart.  They had on different clothing, different poses, props, and  photo coloring.  I turned all the photos to black and white, resized them, painted over their clothing so it was all similar, changed some of the backgrounds to create 3 alike photos.  The idea is to make it seem that they were all taken from the same photographer with the same outfits, background, etc.  Even though in reality they were not.  This way they can all be displayed in the same frame together.

If you need help with any type of graphic design projects please email me at


2 Comments Add yours

  1. jill says:

    Awesome job Franci!

    Do you recommend any photoshop classes around Los Angeles? Do tell!

  2. exploreandthrive says:

    I took a class a Santa Monica College that was great. It was inexpensive and I learned a ton.

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