Mural in Mexico

This summer I went with a team to Ensenada, Mexico to help out local folks.  The team did all kinds of things from construction to playing with children.  I was on the mural team.  Before the trip I was told that the mural would be in a church and that the pastor wanted it to have a missions theme with flags of the world.  I worked up an initial design for us to start from.

When we arrived in Mexico I met a guy named, Eric Garcia, who I teamed up with to create the mural.  Eric had experience with murals which was wonderful since this was my first stab at it.  He is a very talented artist.  After a short meeting with the pastor we got a clearer picture of what he was wanting.  He wanted it to be fun and speak to children.  We kept the map of the world in the background, put the flags on the right side in a clump and added faces of people of the world on the left side.  Eric brought some cute pics of faces.  We also changed the wording to Spanish.  With a lot of help we finished the entire mural in 2 days!  It is amazing what teamwork can accomplish.

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